Watch Hours Movie Online

Thrill Your Senses With Hours Movie

Watch Hours Movie Online:Hours is a 2013 American thriller movie set over the after effects of Hurricane Katrina that hit the country back in year 2005. The movie starring Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez and TJ Hassan depicts a father’s frantic effort to keep his newborn daughter alive and safe from the havoc caused by the hurricane.

Watch Hours Movie Online


watch-online-btnWatch Hours Movie Online Free:The film is set in year 2005, the year when Hurricane Katrina caused threatening havoc and devastation. On August 29, 2005, Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) rushes to a New Orleans hospital when his pregnant wife, Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez), experiences early labor. What was supposed to be Nolan’s happiest day, became the most tragic day when he had to deal with Hurricane Katrina. Since his daughter is in incubator, he has to stay with her and keep her safe and alive. Nolan faces a do or die situation when the hospital is evacuated and no one comes to his aid.

Watch Hours Movie Online FreeDownload Hours Movie Online:Nolan struggles on his own when his infant daughter is still in Neonatal incubator and it runs out of power. Nolan and his newborn baby are now forced to deal with power cut off and rising flood waters. The movie deals with the struggle of a father for his infant against the nature’s havoc. Watch Hours movie online free and experience the breath taking journey on your own.


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